PV (NI) Ltd are is committed to supplying high quality products from suppliers with a proven track record in the industry such as SolarWorld and SMA.

SolarWorld - German Quality German engineering has a worldwide reputation for solid, quality well-built products which can also be found in SolarWorlds construction of solar modules.



Automated Production With something as advanced as the technology found in solar modules, unparalleled precision is required in the manufacturing process to ensure each and every panel is of the highest quality and boast the best performance it possibly can. SolarWorld have fullyautomated production lines from start to finish resulting in the perfect photovoltaic modules.


SolarWorld's quality control process is harsh and thorough. Any panels that don't meet their high testing standards never leave the factory.

25-Year Guarantee SolarWorld offer a full 25-year linear performance guarantee on all of their solar PV modules. The guarantee states that any module that produces 97% or less in the first year and no more than a 0.7% decrease per year after that will be covered.



SMA Solar Technology are world market leaders for innovative energy supply solutions. They provide reliable and cost effective solar inverters for any installation and power class, regardless of PV module used

As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology nsures maximum yields and the highest user convenience.